Top Ten Website to get Popular Clone Scripts

There are many popular website on the internet like Google, Facebook etc which is huge success and generate a huge amount of revenue. Everybody want an amazing website to generate revenue for them. Making fully functional website from Design to development take an enormous amount of time and resources. For example if you want a fully functional website like OLX then it will cost you more then 10k USD. But luckily there are many resources available which make the exact clone of these popular web applications and sell them for a very low rate. If you are interested in developing a clone website for your own propose then these resources are the places where you should start digging into. In this post i have compiled top ten websites to get popular clone scripts. Hope these resources help you and get what you are looking for.

1.Famous Scripts


3.Clone PHP


5.Clone Scripts

6.Script Copy

7.Website Scripts

8.Clone Script Directory

9.Clone Idea

10.Just Clone

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