Essentials of Logo Design a Few Inspirations

Logo is defined as an identifying statement, that can be textual or may contain images. So your logo can be text based or an image or a combination of both. Your company will be recognized all over the world by your logo. It is the very first thing that your clients will see about your business and in fact it is the first thing most clients will see even before seeing your products. So it goes without saying that you should take utmost care while choosing one for you.

A logo should be the representative of your company, take a look at the Amazon’s logo. It may look one of the simplest ones that you have ever seen but it conveys a simple but effective message to their users. The orange arrow starts from A and ends at Z, which means that Amazon sells everything from A to Z. Another message that it conveys is the smile comes on the face of the users after using Amazon’s products.

If you want to design an effective logo then you will have to some simple rules. Talking about simple, the first rule is the simplicity itself. A simple logo can easily be recognized and such a design allows the logo to be versatile and memorable. A good logo features something unique without being overdrawn.

Memorability is as important as the principle of simplicity. An effective logo design is one that should be easily memorable and you can achieve this by having a simple yet effective logo. Take the example of McDonald’s logo, it is simple but yet it is memorable making it an effective logo.

Another property that an effective logo should have is that it should be timeless, it should endure the ages. The best example one can find of such logo design is that of Coca Cola. Their logo has not changed a bit since their first arrival in 1890’s while the Pepsi’s logo has changed at least 10 times during the same period.

Your logo should be able to work across many mediums and still remain effective. Versatility is a must have property if you want to design a really effective logo. You may need to use your logo in a number of ways, it can be printed in one color, you may need it reduced to the size of a postage stamp or enlarged to the size of a billboard. So your logo should be versatile enough to meet all these needs.

What the best logo designers recommend for this purpose is designing the logo first in the plain black and white format. And then if it looks good in this form you can decide on the color scheme as the colors can distract you from the main design element.

And the last but surely not the least important property that your logo design should have is that it must be appropriate. If you are designing a log for a law firm and you are using childish fonts and color scheme then surely it is not appropriate.

Making it appropriate does not necessarily mean that your logo needs to show what your company sells or provide. Take a look at the logos of any of the major organizations of the world and most of them have logos that does not show any thing regarding the company. Nokia don’t have a cell phone in their logo and Ford don’t have a car in theirs.

In the end I will repeat what I said in the beginning, a logo is an identifying statement, it is what your users or clients identify your company with. Keep it simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate and your logo will become effective. Here are few examples of beautiful and inspiring logs.

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